I recently went on a work trip to Boise, Idaho.

I thought I knew about Idaho. I had been to Twin Falls, Rexburg, Pocotello, Idaho Falls, those kinds of places.

I assumed Boise would be the same.

It was not. What I found was a very vibrant downtown area. The food was amazing. The drinks were good. Everything was reasonably priced compared to where I lived, and all of the people were diverse, attractive, and incredibly fit.

Even the homeless people were jacked. I saw a man head bobbing and yelling at himself, wearing nothing but dirty, cut-off pirate-style pants, and he did not have an ounce of body fat. His pecs rivaled any body builder.

My workmates and I took to running in the park. We passed countless fit, smiling people, and then we found the free workout equipment - pull up bars, rowing machines, dip bars, etc. And the homeless folks were using them.

"So this is how they do it," my buddy said. We watched a group of unhoused men, their shopping carts lined up at the edge of the equipment area, workout together. They pushed and pulled at the metal equipment and yelled back and forth. "So this is how you get Boise Buff."

As of this writing, the average house price in Boise is around $470,000.

I once heard that a polite way to wish ill upon your enemies is to say, May you live in interesting times.