My Nightmare or Yours?

My Nightmare or Yours?

I had a roommate. One morning she came out of her room and looked at me with great suspicion. I thought she was just in the pre-caffeinated phase.

Which was true.

She got some coffee. Then continued to look at me with entirely too much scrutiny.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked.
"I had a dream. More like a nightmare. You were in it. Well, your face was," she said.
"I was on a boat. The boat was covered in bumps. When I asked what the bumps where, I was told they were parnacles."
"No. Parnacles," she said. "I got real close to the boat and looked at them. They were barnacles, of your face... PARNACLES."

We looked at each other. Then I walked away.

There was nothing left to say.