Overheard in Escalante

Overheard in Escalante

I went "glamping" in Escalante. I'm not usually a glamper, but I was invited, and it actually was pretty fun. It was hot, probably close to 100 out, and this glamping situation had a pool. There were three other women at the pool with us, two fifty somethings and a seventeen-year-old.

I wasn't trying to listen in on their conversation, but the pool wasn't that big.

Woman one: "So, is there anyone you have the hots for?"

Teenager: "What are you saying? What does that even mean?"

Woman one: "The hots? You know what it means."

Teenager: "I have no idea what you're saying."

Woman one: "Anyone you think is hot?"

Teenager: "Obviously."

Woman one: "Who?"

Teenager: "Sheldon. Ohhhh. And Blake. Blake is really hot."

Woman two: "BALAKAY!"

Teenager: "You've seen that Tik Tok?"

Woman two rips off her sunglasses, and this is not to be understated. It's real bright out.

Woman two: "Tik Tok? It's a Key and Peele sketch! It's a show! It's not Tik Tok!"

She gets up and jumps in the pool, which is freezing despite the weather. Once in the pool she makes a series of strangled cries. It's cold.

Woman one: "So you have the hots for Balakay."

Teenager: "Again, I have no idea what that means."