Overheard in a Trendy Town

Overheard in a Trendy Town

Standing in line at a sandwich place, a woman wearing bright red lipstick and an ankle-length, denim coat with a faux fur collar, a wide brimmed hat, and white snakeskin boots smokes angrily. She's yelling at a man who looks like he's woken up as a rock band groupie on the wrong side of thirty. His pants are a little too tight and they show some of his ass crack. He has a variety tattoos, which are sagging with his unstoppable middle age, and his hair is lank.

Woman (stabbing her cigarette at the man): "You know what's cute?"

Man: "What?"

Woman: "That fucking thermos. Look how cute it is."

Cut to a Pendleton thermos in the window. It is white with red and green and yellow and blue stripes. It sits on top of a variety of other cute things.

Man: "That is cute."

Woman: "Too bad I have a failing buisness and therefore no disposable income.

Man: "Awww, you're okay."

Woman: "It's the climate. It's all wrong for throwing pots. It's too f*ing hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The clay won't respond."

Man: "I know."

Woman: "Why do cigarettes taste better with you around? How do you do that?"

Man: "What can I say? I have the gift."

And then it is their turn to go inside. The woman angles so the thermos is to her back.